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Untitled, 2010

Untitled, 2010

Collage, A4 paper size

Untitled, 2010

Untitled, 2010

Collage, A4 paper size


Fragments | 2010
An artist's book consisting of handmade collages in which varied magazine pieces are juxtaposed with images of works by Michelangelo.
Installation views of Fragments:

The Inner Space | Gross Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2011

Neimim | Afula Municipal Art Gallery, 2018 


SOFA, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

BATHROOM, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

GAZE, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

BEDROOM, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

LIPS, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

THOUGHTS, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

PIETÀ, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

JOURNEY, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

EMBRACE, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

ARRIVAL, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

ROAD, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

TWO MEN, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

CURTAIN, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

MORNING, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

SEA, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

EVENING, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

SEASIDE, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

FOOT, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

FLOWERS, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

AT HOME, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

WINDOW, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

MARBLE, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

TREE, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

CANAL, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

WARMTH, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

SHOULDER, 2010, Collage, A4 Paper Size

DANCE, 2010, Collage, 25x41 cm

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